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September Update

  • September 1st: First content creators shops for Reign Esports goes live!

  • September 9th: Reigh Esports main roster gets 3rd place in Bandits on Wheels!

  • September 10th: Birthday of out first and loved content creator, BludyBoi!

  • September 13th: Reign starts a giveaway for $25 ending at the start of October.

  • September 14th: Reign Esports Black sweeps HighCaliber in a Bo5, securing the number 1 seed of their bracket in MPL Futures.

  • September 25th: Reign Esports Black team gets knocked out of the Melon Patch League Futures Event making it all the way to be Semi-Finals!

  • September 30th: Reign Esports Main roster participates in RLCS open qualifiers, but sadly gets knocked out day 1 by the pool champion, Frequence

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