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August Update

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

  • August 1st: Content creator and Phycologist, CalientePocket, joins Reign Esports as VisePresident.

  • August 12th-14th: RLCS World Championship finals in Fort Worth, TX takes place. Winning team BDS.

  • August 16th: Seido, Carved, Kinley, and Foxy re-join Reign as the RL main roster.

  • August 18th: Boost joins as the RL main roster coach, teaming up with CalientePocket for Sports Phyc coaching. MPL Season 2 Futures was also announced with Reign Esports competing with team Foxy, Lightning, and Nightfang.

  • August 26th: Reign Esports Bi-Weekly $100 Tournament #10.

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